Here’s Why Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator 2017 is More Than Just a Game

flight simulator 2017As flying enthusiasts, we are very much aware of the latest advances in aircrafts. The thing about flying an aircraft is that you cannot afford to make even a single mistake otherwise you would put your life as well as those of others at risk.

Flying is a serious business, being a pilot is one of the toughest and most responsible jobs in the world. Lives of hundreds are dependent on your every decision. Make one wrong move, and that will be the last thing you will ever do. It’s not easy to be a pilot, that’s why pilots are paid so heavily.

When flying is such a serious business, why should a pro flight simulator 2017 be any less serious? We have every right to expect the flight simulator that we are using to be as realistic as possible. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Flight simulator games are supposed to be different from the arcade games that are normally played by kids. Flight simulators are used by adults, people who are training to be commercial pilots or even fighter pilots. It’s not something you take lightly.

There are several flight simulators out there in the market, such as the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2017 and the Pro Flight Simulator 2017, but they really were not as realistic or at least as close to the real world scenario as we wanted them to be.

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As experienced users of flight simulators, we wanted a simulator fame that would give us a 100% immersive experience, one that would make us understand just how challenging flying a plane could.

Is there such a flight simulator in the market? There is one, it’s called the Virtual Pilot 3D 2017 and it’s the best flight simulator 2017 by far and it costs just $67.

We have rarely been challenged by a flight simulator as much as we were by Virtual Pilot 3D 2017. The game has been certified by the FAA to be used for training purposes in flying schools across the United States. Even NASA has approved the use of Virtual Pilot 3D 2017 for development purposes. With Virtual Pilot 3D 2017, you will discover the challenges and the delight that only real simulation – not just a gimmick – can bring. You will discover the joy of flying.

So what’s so impressive about Virtual Pilot 3D 2017 and why is it the best flight simulator 2017?

Well, for one, it offers more options that any game would give you – over 200+ planes to select from, such as the Boeing 747, Messerschmitt BF 109 G14,  Sopwith Camel 1F.1, Me 262, the Piper J3 Cub 1946, Cessna Citation X and many more. You can fly helicopters too, such as the Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey and the Boeing CH-47 Chinook. Another fun thing you can do is to fly gliders such as the Colditz Escape and the Schweizer 2-33. You can even fly a space shuttle if you like! No other flight simulator out there, whether it’s Microsoft Flight Simulator 2017 or Pro Flight Simulator 2017 would give you such a wide variety of choice.

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Second, you can take off or land at 25,000 airports around the world. And we are not just talking about the big international airports out there such as the London Heathrow or the Tokyo Haneda Airport – you can land on something as obscure like the Paro Airport, which is situated in the Himalayas or at the Saba Airport, where the runway is only 400 meters long!

What we also liked was that Virtual Pilot 3D 2017 uses the most realistic weather conditions. It gets the weather information in real time from NOAA. So if it’s raining at the Heathrow airport in at the time you are using the flight simulator, you will get to experience the rain yourself when you land there.

The terrains that you see below as you fly the plane are actually very real – they are satellite images taken from Google Maps. Virtual Pilot 3D 2017 is closely integrated with Google Maps. The cockpit and the controls in the cockpit – they are real too.

The best part is that Virtual Pilot 3D costs only $67. You can download Virtual Pilot 3D 2017 – the best flight simulator 2017 by clicking on the link below. We will update you soon with the flight simulator 2017 release date.

Click here to download Virtual Pilot 3D 2017!

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